Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Uterus Transplant?

Ever since I read this article I cannot stop thinking about it.  You can read the story here, but it basically is talking about how a mother had her uterus removed and gave it to her daughter who has MRKH.  However, the medical team will not consider this a successful transplant until the daughter has given birth to a healthy baby.

I have pretty much planned on adopting since the day I found out about having MRKH.  However, now that I am married I guess someone else has a say in it as well. My viewpoint has always been "everything happens for a reason..." Cheesy I know, but its something that I honestly believe.  There are so many children out there in the world who need and want a loving home, that it doesnt make sense for me to NEED to have biological children. Sure, I think I'm awesome and I think my husband is slightly less awesome than I am, and together we would have really, really awesome babies...but thats not what its about to me.  I dont need my genes passed down from generation to generation.  A parent is someone who raises a child.  I dont care (anymore) that I will not have a child come out of my uterus (plus, I have a hard enough time staying in shape as it is!).  So, the uterus transplant is not for me (although my mother did say she would give me hers if I wanted it).

Back to the uterus transplant...Something I did not know is that segregate mothers illegal in some places.  Even some states in the United States. I think that is crazy!  I also do not understand the reasoning behind it, so for some people the uterus transplant may be a very valuable option.

Side note: I am lucky to have found a man who loves me for me, and who doesnt care that I cannot have his biological child.  I dont feel like this is something all men are ok with.  I feel so lucky every day!  He is 100% supportive, and I could not imagine going through life without him.