Saturday, July 15, 2017

I'm In A Magazine!!

It has been forever since I've posted! Do people still blog? I plan on continuing because it is a good way for me to talk about my feelings and hope that people have a better understanding of me and people who are a little different.

So here's the thing...I did an interview with Woman's Health magazine a while ago and got a crazy amount of positive feedback from my friends, family, strangers and other people who have MRKH. Then, a week or so after the article got published in the magazine, my article somehow made the front page of yahoo news! My article was right above some story about Rob  Kardashian!  I had no idea that would happen, and when it did, I felt a nervous feeling in my stomach...I wasn't sure If I was ready for it to hit the freaking home page of  YAHOO NEWS! However, I learned a very important lesson...NEVER read the comments! They were hurtful! I cried. Some made me laugh, but mostly they upset me. I thought I had pretty thick skin, but not this time. But then, I had people reach out to me that didn't know they had MRKH, and been living with this misterous condition. I felt better about things.

So, in case you haven't read the article, here it is!!