Thursday, January 3, 2013


I dont think I have given an update in a while, so here it goes...

I have been having lots of tests done;  ultrasounds, blood work, MRI's, more blood work...After my initial ultrasound when they couldn't find my ovaries, I started getting a little bit discouraged.  Its just a lot of information, and it was all happening so quickly.  I think I was just really overwhelmed. I am dealing with these tests and not having positive results, plus working, going to school, being married, coaching volleyball, the holiday's, and the normal stuff life throws at you.  Anyway, there is some good news...

I have ovaries, and they appear to be working. I also have eggs (although the count is a bit lower than they would like them to be, but not impossibly low), and I also have two working kidneys which a lot of women with MRKH do not have.  So, overall I feel really lucky, and pretty hopeful.  Although, a little bit freaked out about the thought of having to "hurry up" with this process due to my low(ish) egg count. 

Next steps:

I think we are going to wait until we get back from vacation in April to take our next steps, but they will be as follows:

1. Jason needs to get tested to make sure his "stuff" works
2. I will have more blood work done
3. I will have to take fertility medications (not a big fan of this idea)
4. Find someone to carry our baby.  We are currently accepting applications. :)    
5. Figure out how we will pay for all of this $$$$

A little bit about #4...We are not actually taking applications, but we are looking for someone who would be interested.  Our Dr Says its better when you know the person.  Ideally, the person will have already had the child(ren) that they want, and are willing to help us out.  He also prefers that they are in their late 20-30's. So, if you are interested, or know someone who might be...Just let me know!

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  1. Jen How exciting!! We are indeed in very similar places :) I look forward to following along with your journey, I will be reading every step! IVF/gestational surrogacy for MRKHers is still a very untrodden path so we can share tips :)