Sunday, December 6, 2015

It's The Small Things

Here is the situation.... I work in a department of about 15 people, and a couple months ago two girls who are about my age announced they were pregnant on the same day.  It was of course a little hard for me because everyone was so excited and I knew that will never be me announcing I am pregnant...And two of them in one day?!?  That can be a little overwhelming for anyone.  BUT, I am genuinely happy for these two girls.  They are both wonderful people and I love them!  A couple days later, another co-worker left this card on my desk.

In case you cannot read what it says, "Dear Jen, I just want you to know how incredible I think you are!  I know it must be very hard to listen to all of the baby talk, yet you seem so genuinely happy for both girls.  Your wonderful demeanor is incredible and I admire you very very much!  P.S Ill still buy you a baby when I can." 

This was probably one of the most thoughtful things that someone has done for me.  To have an outsider understand / sympathize what I go through on a somewhat daily basis was a great feeling. It made my heart happy, so thank you kind co-worker!  And although she probably thought this was a small gesture, it meant everything to me!  

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